You Should 'Ship Jade & Chris on 'The Bachelor'

There are a lot of women on The Bachelor this season who I really like β€” more than usual, actually. Becca, Kaitlyn, and Whitney have been my faves since day one, but there's another contestant who's quickly rising in the ranks (in my opinion, anyway): Former Playboy girl Jade Roper. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Jade is gaining much favor with everyone, which is what tends to happen when something kind of scandalous comes out while they're on the show. In Jade's case, it's the amateur Playboy photo shoot she did and an arrest record that includes a DUI, and the bad news for Jade is that Bachelor fans can be judgy. The good news for Jade is that I am not judging her for her past. Instead, I'm going off of what I've seen of her on the show so far, and I like everything I've seen. And although I have a hunch that this won't happen, I wouldn't mind if Jade won The Bachelor altogether.

If you don't agree with me because you think Jade isn't right for Chris Soules, you might be onto something. If she's into modeling, the middle of nowhere in Iowa probably isn't the best place for her to be. But if you don't agree with me because you think the slut-shamers are right, then allow me to convert you.

Chris Definitely Seems To Like Her

And that's what's most important, right? Although Chris seems to have a penchant for smooching as many of his ladies as he can, that was a pretty steamy makeout sesh Jade & Chris had on last week's episode. If he wasn't feeling the sparks fly, I don't think he would've let their private moment in his house get to that level. Actually, no, let me put it this way: If he didn't like Jade whatsoever and wanted her to leave, he never would have allowed the situation to escalate.

She's Adorable

If you have a spare few minutes, troll Jade's Instagram. She's super cute, she seems to care for her family and friends a lot, and from certain angles, she reminds me of Lexie Grey from Grey's Anatomy, which is definitely a good thing considering the fact that she's my favorite character that Shonda Rhimes has ever killed.

If Her Playboy Past Doesn't Bother Her, It Shouldn't Bother You

Playboy is not anything Jade's trying to hide. Actually, it's quite the opposite: It seems to be something she's pretty proud of, if her official website is any indication:

Playboy is the iconic essence of female beauty. I've always wanted to be a part of it.

Her Dog Is Ridiculously Cute

Seriously. Look at that face!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC