Dating App Matches You Based On TV Preferences

We've all joked about the idea of a Netflix-based dating app for quite sometime, but someone finally went out and did it (kind of). The only drawback of Watchr, the dating app based on your favorite shows: It isn't real. But before you let that crippling blow sink in, let's just take a moment to indulge in imagining what that hypothetical world would be like because it sounds like all of our online dating dreams come true. Instead of typical online dating where you stress over taking that picture that screams "I'm fun! But also smart! And I don't have any humans locked in my basement!" and whether or not you should list "fanfiction" as a hobby, you can just cut straight to the only thing that actually matters: your Netflix queue.

Look, I like humans as much as the next guy (in that I am ambivalent about the ones that I have to wear pants around), but our Netlix addiction has clearly trumped not just the idea of modern romance, but the idea of modern anything else. If there is anything I've learned from watching this video sketch by the Upright Citizens Brigade's Los Angeles Digital, it's that we need to stop joking about apps based on our favorite shows and actually start making one. How do we live on a planet where there is a dating app that pairs you with your salad soulmate before there is one that matches you with someone who has an HBO Go password?!

With an app like this, we could finally date knowing that we have ended the risk of going out with someone who "never really got that into Parks and Recreation" once and for all. Just look at all the fake couples in this video that it clearly worked out for so well for:

Images: YouTube