Has Alexander Skarsgård Got A New Girlfriend?

Move over, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, because there might just be a hot new couple bursting out on the scene. Well, all right, finding a couple that is hotter than Vergara and Manganiello might be a tall order, but I'd say the competition would be stiff between these two pairs. Apparently, Alexander Skarsgård and Margot Robbie might be dating — and the key word there is might, so you have plenty of time to figure out how you feel about that before either of them confirm anything. As for me, I'm thrilled. After all, Robbie is rumored to be playing Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad and, due to my inability to separate films from reality, all I can think is how badly I want my beloved Harley to be happy.

However, the evidence that the True Blood star and The Wolf of Wall Street actress are together is pretty inconclusive so far. We're going on the basis of an anonymous sighting, with an eyewitness claiming that, "They were there late-night holding hands. Margot and Alexander definitely looked like a couple. They were very touchy-feely and at one point were full on kissing!" I mean, it's easy enough to confirm that they were cruising around parties on Friday in Utah or that they were at the 1Oak Tinder party later that night, but it's funny how eyewitnesses can invade a celebrity's privacy by reporting on their every move without ever seeming to want to go as far as to take a picture.


The last random couple who started in this way was Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin, and, despite the fact that we now have one picture of them having dinner with each other, I still find it hard to believe that they are a real thing. Skarsgård and Robbie could very easily go that way if we don't get something a little more solid to work with than an anonymous eyewitness claiming to have seen them kiss. We live in a social media heavy society, people! Pics or it didn't happen! Come on, invasive Internet, don't let me down!

There's also the fact that Robbie and Skarsgård might be engaging in a bit of a showmance. After all, the two stars are headlining Tarzan together, which will be released in 2016. If they were going to start hanging out and sharing kisses, now would be a good time to lay the foundation before the press tour for the film begins in earnest. Call me a cynic, but I haven't heard enough about Skarsgård or Robbie to cast judgments on whether or not their "love" is "real" or not. I just know that not even true love lasts in Hollywood (she said, still bitter from Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton's split), so the odds are not in their favor.

However, if they are really a couple and their love really does last, then I am all for it. Robbie is beautiful and Skarsgård is beautiful and they would have beautiful babies. And, if that sounds like a shallow reason to want two people to date, I would like to note that this is the whole reason many people supporting Vergara and Manganiello's relationship before they added their natural cuteness and sweetness to it. So there.

Image: Getty Images