12 Celebs Who Hate Mercury Retrograde Too

The words "Mercury is in retrograde" probably just sounds like one of those trendy phrases that gets thrown around by astrology enthusiasts, lemmings, and pretty much anyone looking for an excuse to justify their behavior. Most people don't even really know what it means (or that Mercury isn't actually in retrograde), but everyone and their grandmothers seem to cite "Mercury retrograde" as an explanation for just about everything. Celebrities are no different when it comes to embracing this mysterious phenomenon. Plenty of celebs have commented on Mercury retrograde. Many of them believe in the concept, others want to know what it means, and few of them use it in a nonsensical context that will probably sound familiar to you.

Before getting into the tweets and inevitably judging the celebrities who composed them, it would make the most sense to get a good understanding of what the concept means. Do you go through periods where you just feel like everything is a little bit off? Nothing is right and you just can't put your finger on the reason why. This could mean that Mercury is retrograde. This is when the planet slows its orbit around the sun and it appears to be traveling backward — or retrograde. It is typically a three week occurrence and happens three to four times a year. Many people believe that miscommunication, disaster, and all around strange behavior happen when Mercury is retrograde. Whether you believe in the concept or not, many celebrities are talking about it. Check out Taylor's Swift's explanation and read these 12 celebrity tweets.

Taylor Swift

I think Taylor Swift's hashtag was her way of hoping that her song "Welcome to New York" gets nothing but positive feedback. Ironically, it was T. Swift's only recent release that received mixed reviews. I wonder how the song would have been received if we heard it during a different time period.

Katy Perry

If only I could blame Mercury retrograde for this Katy Perry/Taylor Swift feud, I would be happy. Nevertheless, their beef has lasted more than a three week period. It makes me nervous that Katy Perry is going to perform at the Super Bowl half-time show this weekend because there are rumors she's going to throw shade as Swift. Maybe this phenomom will have a reverse effect on this super weird situation and make things normal between the two pop stars? Or at least that's what I hope.

Maria Shriver

I wonder if Maria Shriver is blaming Mercury retrograde for two of her kids dating members of the Cyrus family. Some rumors say that she is not happy about Miley Cyrus dating her son Patrick Schwarzenegger. So I can only imagine how she feels now that her daughter Christina is supposedly daughter Braison Cyrus.

LeAnn Rimes

I'm surprised that LeAnn Rimes's reality show with her husband Eddie Cibrian just got cancelled. Maybe that's why she is tweeting about Mercury retrograde?

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel is not one to hold back on social media or in front of the TV cameras. Even successful moguls like her have an off day. Instead of blaming herself she takes it out on the universe. Makes sense.

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna tweeted her fans to thank them for sending kind wishes to her father who is not feeling well. Hopefully, he will make a speedy recover and she can just have Mercury to blame for any health problems.

Kyle Richards

OK, Kyle Richards. Blame astrology, for the Real Housewives going crazy at a reunion taping. It's not like that has never happened before...

Dina Manzo

Dina Manzo wanted her daughter have every bit of good luck possible when sending in college applications. Clearly the reality star was relieved when she got them all done before Mercury retrograde began.

Denise Richards

Without any context available, I am just going to assume that Denise Richards is just like the rest of us. If something is going wrong and there's no real explanation, or I want to put the blame off myself, I just cite Mercury retrograde. She gets me.

Jeremy Piven

So apparently Jeremy Piven was not having the best time because he tweeted about wanting Mercury to get back to normal. It's also apparent that he is Google averse since he did not want to do a simple search to find answers. Hopefully, his Twitter followers were helpful with their replies.


File this under the "nonsensical use" of the phrase. It looks like Diplo was just jumping on the bandwagon talking about Mercury retrograde because this tweet does not really make sense. But if you want to get real existential about it, maybe he couldn't compose a logical tweet because he was affected by Mercury retrograde.


Maybe R&B singer Miguel just heard the phrase for the first time and was unfamiliar with its meaning? Maybe he was having a bad luck streak and chalked it up to the phenomenon. It's a little unclear, but he is at least familiar with the phrase.

Don't worry if life seems a little bit off right now. Things might be crazy now that we have all settled back into real life after the holidays, but it's totally normal. So if you've hit a patch of bad luck, don't get down on yourself. Act like a celebrity and blame Mercury retrograde.