Is Katy Planning to Diss Taylor at the Super Bowl?

by Alex Kritselis

According to the Internet, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are FIGHTING. Of course, nobody has any substantial, concrete evidence that this is actually true, but that doesn't stop people from spreading rumors about the supposed "feud" online. The latest word on the Web is that Perry is planning to diss Swift during her upcoming Super Bowl halftime show performance. I don't buy it for a second. Yes, Swift's song "Bad Blood" could be about Perry — but no one but Swift knows for certain! The fact is, there is no real proof that these two women harbor any ill will towards each other — people just love to perpetuate a celebrity "girl fight." It's sad.

Besides, performing at the Super Bowl is without a doubt the biggest gig of Perry's entire career — I honestly don't think that she's going to waste any of her precious rehearsal time concocting a silly plan to "get back" at Swift. Right now, Perry should be focused on one thing and one thing only: putting on the best show of her life. (Remember: She wants her performance to inspire the world to get out there and buy her albums, singles, and concert tickets — that's kind of the whole point!) But I digress.

Eyebrows raised on Monday evening when a crop of new Perry song titles were found online: "She's So Creepy," "Heartache Crusade," and "In Flames." Naturally, some music fans were quick to conclude that "She's So Creepy" must be a Swift diss track — but again, I don't buy it. The titles appear on the discography page of Serban Ghenea, a Grammy Award–winning musician who mixes songs for popular artists like Perry, Ariana Grande, and strangely enough, Swift. What could this new music possibly be for?

Well, with game day just around the corner, it's possible that Perry is planning to re-release her last studio album, 2013's PRISM. It makes sense that she might want to have some new material to promote at halftime. After all, she repackaged Teenage Dream with three new tracks back in 2012, and she was photographed in the recording studio recently. Of course, it's also possible that these songs are just leftovers from either Teenage Dream or PRISM and will likely never see the light of day. We should know the answer soon.

Personally, I just hope that nothing happens during Perry's Super Bowl halftime show on Feb. 1 that can be interpreted as confirmation of a "war" between her and Swift. Frankly, I'm getting tired of hearing about it (and I'm sure that many others are, too).

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