January Jones' Best Throwback, Ever

It may not be Throwback Thursday (or even Flashback Friday), but in honor of Sunday night's ultra-fabulous SAG Awards, January Jones just posted an absolutely amazing throwback — maybe even her best ever. Anyone who follows Ms. Jones knows that's a big deal, too — after all, she posts some of the best vintage pics of herself around (have you seen some of her mullet-y childhood pics? Or that time she was basically a teenage bride for a bridal veil advertisement?). Anyway, she just topped them all with this snap of January Jones as a Miss Teen South Dakota contestant.

Yep, it's all there: Wispy feathered bangs and a floppy, overcurled updo. A sweetheart neckline and the accompanying, seriously dated V-shaped waist to go with it. Pearls. Red satin and matching red suede high-heeled Mary Janes. Bodice ruching like whoa, and puffed sleeves like... well, even more whoa. Suffice it to say, this has to be the best pageant look in the history of the world — and yes, I'm including the 2015 Miss Universe national costumes.

Of course, she topped it all off with some of her signature hilarious hashtags: "#itstillconfusesmethatididntwin #bitter." Oh well — she sure showed those pageant judges, didn't she?

Images: Getty Images; januaryjones/Instagram