This Remix Of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" Is Exactly What You Need To Shake Off Cabin Fever — AUDIO

Winter Storm Juno got you all cooped up indoors and working from home*? Sounds like it's undoubtedly time to channel your inner Gwen Stefani and let your bad bitch flag fly. (It's also maybe time to find a little inspiration from the No Doubt frontwoman's swoon-worthy manicure track record.) DJ Vantage scrambled up the Stefani classic (it's "classic" now; you're old) empowerment anthem into a dancefloor-ready gem. Seriously, I cannot be the only one whose eyes transformed into disco balls upon first listen.

Vantage isn't exactly a pioneer in having a hand reworking "Hollaback Girl." Anyone remember this seizure-inducing "JerseyClub Remix" that surfaced over the summer? Remind me to never spend much time in Jersey. Or Jersey clubs, I guess. Or maybe just the Internet because Jersey is actually lovely.

Anyway, Vantage puts all other attempts at covering "Hollaback Girl" to shame with his masterful, groove-injecting prowess, which comes hot off the heels of her LA show announcement. The mysterious DJ swapped the hot pink bras straps and knee-highs for a pair of smooth roller-skates, as synths and soft drum machine thwaps punctuate the glittering remix. The new take has already become so popular, Vantage says on their official Facebook page that the track maxed out on Soundcloud downloads. Rest easy: The link has since been updated to allow downloads once again. Give it a listen now and loosen up those cabin-fevered limbs:

That's not all for your Stefani newsflash, though. The platinum beast is currently preparing a new, solo full-length that's slated to drop this year. She also worked on a track, "Shine," with Pharrell for the upcoming children's film Paddington. Anyone else care to join me in pumping Tragic Kingdom the rest of the day?

*dressed in pajamas, half-watching the new Girls in a separate browser