Valentino's Romantic, Flowery Updo Is Definitely Worth Copying (And Easy, Too!)

Attention brides-to-be/prom-attendees/party-goers/Valentine's day-daters/people of earth in general: Valentino has just supplied us all with the prettiest updo, ever (Fashion weeks just have the best hair inspiration around, don't they?). I think it's fair to say that Valentino is the master of all things floaty and ethereally beautiful when it comes to the Paris runways (that said, did you see the Elie Saab show? Now, that was some serious fairy princess drama) — anyway, their floral embroidery is off the charts (and their celestial embroidery is even more off the charts), so who better to get hair inspiration from?

The style in question is very romantic — think non-abused, non-suicidal Ophelia, and you'll get the picture perfectly. The braids and twists make things a touch more complicated than your standard updo, but they're nothing a few bobby pins can't handle with ease. And guess what else makes this hairdo super easy to copy? The flowers themselves are all things you can (ahem) steal from your neighbor's yards/the local park! Tiny little daisies and sprigs of rosemary-like purple wildflowers... check and check. Now, just stick them in your hair haphazardly around the crown of your head for that done/undone look and you're good to go — let's take a look at Valentino's latest masterpiece:

Something new for that wedding pin board, eh?

Images: pawel_solis, maisonvalentino/Instagram