Why The 'How To Get Away With Murder' Season 1 Finale Hits Sooner Than You'd Think (Go Ahead And Panic)

Welcome back, Viola Davis fans! The twistiest, sexiest, murder-iest Shonda Rhimes show, How to Get Away With Murder, sees its mid-season premiere finally hitting ABC after a long hiatus, and it's time to pick up right where we left off: Sam is dead, Wes is a killer, and Annalise is a knowing accomplice to her own husband's murder. We finally know how Sam Keating ended up a corpse, but we still don't know for sure who killed Lila Stangard or how everything is connected. So how much time do we have left to find out? When exactly is the HTGAWM Season 1 finale? Sooner than you might think, actually.

"But we've only had nine episodes," you might be thinking right about now. "Surely that means we're not even halfway through the season yet!" While that would be true if HTGAWM had the typical broadcast drama order of 22 episodes per season, that's sadly not the case here... and you can blame it all on the show's star. Because Viola Davis is so insanely talented, everyone wants to work with her — case in point: she was just cast as Amanda Waller, the badass government agent in charge of overseeing the titular group of villains in DC's upcoming film adaptation of Suicide Squad (also starring Will Smith, Jared Leto, and Margot Robbie).

Since Davis has such a thriving film career, she could only sign on to a television show for a limited number of episodes. This is why when ABC announced they were picking HTGAWM up for a "full season," only two episodes were added onto the show's initial order of 13, bringing Season 1 to an unusual total of 15 episodes. Sad news: that means there are only six hours left, including this Thursday's midseason premiere, "Hello Raskolnikov."

Even sadder news: those six remaining hours will pass quickly, since the season's final two episodes (ominously titled "The Day Lila Died" and "It's All My Fault") are airing back-to-back on the same night for an epic two-hour finale. That means there are only five weeks left of our favorite new show, with Season 1 coming to an end on Thursday, February 26.

Look on the bright side — at least we only have to live with the uncertainty of who the heck killed Lila Stangard for one more month!

Images: Mitch Haaseth/ABC; Giphy.com