8 Updates Kim Kardashian's Game Needs to Keep Players Interested

It's been seven months since Kim Kardashian first released her game and so much about it has changed. You can get married, Khloe and Kourtney joined, and so many locations were added. But even with those additions, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood can get a little... boring after a while, because you just keep doing the same thing over and over. However, it doesn't have to fade away from our lives if Kim Kardashian updates the game to keep it interesting.

Back in June, I was beyond addicted to the app, but I don't play as often anymore because, even with new additions like the Hamptons, everything kind of blends together. Sure, now I'm opening my own pop-up store, but really I'm just tapping things and using energy until the clock expires and I get fans. It's just like any other event. There's a reason everyone got so excited when marriage was added to the game, because it was a break from the monotony of photo shoots and industry events.

We all know Kim K's real life isn't this boring, and I don't want her game to get boring either. So here are eight ways she can improve things and win her loyal players back.

Let Us Have Kids

She's always talking about how she wants another baby, so, in the meantime, she should let her game players get pregnant. I want my very own pixelated North West please.

And Actually Interact With Dates

Dating is my least favorite part of the game. It takes all your energy, and the dates are so demanding. Like, if you don't take your partner out every day, basically, they dump you. It would be nice to have them take me out for once, so it didn't feel like such a one-sided relationship. Or maybe it just needs to feel more realistic? Where's the option to hang out at home and watch Netflix as a date? That expends no energy, and I could definitely do that date once a day.

Can We Choose Our Own Furniture?

I wish Kim K let us decorate our houses how we wanted to. Some of that stuff is so ugly, and no one wants four posters of horses in their living room. If I can choose my own clothes in the game, I want to choose my own furniture.

Give Us Scott Disick

I would play all day every day if it meant that I got to hang out with a digital version of the Lord. (But if Kim actually adds him, she better consult him — so he can deliver a list of witty phrases for his character to say.)

Make it Easier to Get Stars

This has been my complaint since day one. A simple sweater can cost anywhere from 30 K stars to 140. There are a few ways to get K stars for free, but there needs to be a better way to earn them. Occasionally, Kim will give you one when you finish an event with five stars, but she should do that every time. It would also give me an incentive to complete jobs on time.

Let Us Play With Our Pets

The game's pets are adorable and I want to take them on a walk, or, even better, dress them up. Kim should add a line of dog outfits to the store. I'd be first to buy them, regardless of the amount of K stars.

Let Us Recharge Faster

Waiting five minutes for one energy bolt is tiresome. These days, I usually just play until my energy runs out and then quit the game until it fills back up in a few hours. But she should let us recharge faster so we don't have to stop playing for as long. It ruins the game to have to quit after just a few minutes of tapping because energy is so hard to come by.

Make it Wireless

Any game I can't play on an airplane isn't a very good game. And it's hard for me to play in public because it eats up my data. Kim should allow the game to go offline. Perhaps that means you can't invite your friends to events or whatever because that requires wi-fi, but I'd be OK losing that feature and being able to play more often.

That's what it ultimately all comes down to: I just want to play more. These improvements will help me, and the millions of other players, care again. Thanks for listening, Kim! Here's hoping I can get my very own digital North West soon.

Images: giphy (2); Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (4)