Why Do The Minions Hate Football?

Minions: they’re just like us! They dress up in costumes and copy their own butts on the Xerox machine (as seen in Despicable Me), and they’re fanatical about their sports teams. The new Super Bowl Minions teaser trailer, the movie hits theaters on July 10, 2015, shows a gaggle of yellow-hued minions in a stadium setting, cheering their faces off for their football team, kind of like all of America, sitting at home right now. The commercial poses the questions of why are the minions “jumping up and down screaming undecipherable nonsense” and “spilling 64 ounces of a really sticky drink all over the guy in front of [them]”? The answer? Because they’re minions. Then the trailer encourages us all to embrace our own inner minions and party down on this Super Bowl Sunday.

If all of America is basically doing the same thing as the minions right now as they’re watching the Super Bowl (I myself have a plate of wings beside me and I’ll be getting up for chili as soon as I can), is the teaser trailer for Minions a sneaky, tongue-in-cheek assessment of the Super Bowl and football-watching culture? After all, it is very, very silly for a bunch of adults to cheer so rabidly for big men wearing tight pants beating the almighty crap out of each other. Not to mention the crazy capitalism of $4 million ad spots (even if they are mostly of adorable puppies). The act of the Super Bowl party is engrained so heavily in American culture (over 120 million people will watch the “big game” tonight), that it’s cool and very interesting for a movie like Minions to call that out.

Image: Illumination Pictures