One Of The Best Super Bowl Memes Wasn't On TV

Of all the memes that exist on all of the Internet, some of the absolute best include Kanye West. This is a fact of life, like the sky being blue, or waffles being delicious. It honestly helps that there are just so many out there: I mean, you've got sad ziplining Kanye, sad Waffle House Kanye (how anyone could be sad in a Waffle House boggles my mind, and I'm pretty certain that, somewhere out there, Leslie Knope is tweeting Kanye West to ask if he's feeling OK), and award show-interrupting Kanye for starters, and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Now, it seems we may have have another on our hands: Thanks to Buzzfeed, Uproxx (and some very, very brave Kanye West fans), we now have images of a very sad Kanye West at the Super Bowl, and they are totally destined to become a new meme.

The world is truly a beautiful place.

To be fair, I don't blame Kanye West for looking a little less than overjoyed at all the fans trying to take selfies with him like he's something to be gawked at — I think it's pretty safe to say that none of us would be cool with random people just getting all up in our faces and trying to take surprise selfies while we're just trying to watch the Super Bowl game from our ten million dollar (or something) seats. Let Kanye live, guys!

That said, Kanye West really does make the best unamused faces ever, and this will without a doubt be my new favorite meme for everything. Behold — in the first image, we have Instagram user @boomp0w, taking an up close sad selfie with West...

...and in the second image, we have Instagram user @kingeorge12 with another selfie:

Let the memes begin. It's really only a matter of time.