If These 11 Celebs Were Oreo Cookies, What Flavor Would They Be?

When it comes to store bought cookies, Oreos are basically as good as it gets. Obviously, warm, gooey, fresh out of the oven cookies are the best kind, but you can't really replicate an Oreo in the kitchen without a ton of work. And now, with the introduction of Red Velvet Oreos, they're basically unstoppable. Whose childhood memories don't include getting in trouble when your mom caught you eating the cream and throwing away the actual cookies? Oh, just me? OK. Something I've found in my cookie eating experience? People's personalities tend to tie in with their favorite Oreo. At least, mine does — I will only eat the mega-stuffed, and I still throw away the cookie nine times out of ten, which is basically how I approach all areas of my life. This theory applies to celebrities, too. Just as celebs can easily be matched with an appropriate Halloween candy, celebrities also have an Oreo soul connection, whether they realize it or not.

It's pretty simple, actually. The various flavors Oreo has introduced over the years take on a personality of their own, making them way more like our favorite stars than you'd think.

If this discussion of Oreo-meets-celebrities makes you hungry, I apologize. Meet me at Target in the cookie aisle?

Original — Meryl Streep

Streep is as OG as it gets. When I think of Oreos, I think of the classic, regular stuffed chocolate cookies, and when I think of classic celebrities, Meryl Streep is the first person who comes to mind. Oreo is milk's favorite cookie, and Streep is America's favorite actress.

Double Stuf — Harry Styles

Styles isn't just your regular cookie, just like he's not your regular boybander. He's better, with twice the filling and twice the flavor (there's a dirty joke in there somewhere). Traditional Oreos not doing it for you? Step it up a notch and take a bite out of Harry Styles. Sigh. I wish.

Mega Stuf — Beyoncé

These are arguably the best Oreos that have ever existed. Bigger and better than regular Oreos, which describes Queen Bey perfectly. Beyoncé ain't messing with no single stuffed, broke ass Oreos. She wants all the filling they can cram in between those cookies, and much like an Oreo, she'd make an excellent president.

Red Velvet — Taylor Swift

The newest addition to the Oreo family seems a lot like something Swift would cook up in her kitchen, doesn't it? I think red velvet as a flavor itself is very representative of what Swift has done with her transition over to pop recently: a new twist on an old favorite.

Chocolate — Anna Kendrick

And because Kendrick is so open about everything, I could totally see her Instagramming from the bath tub to explain she ate three packs of these while on her period. God, I love Anna Kendrick.

Peanut Butter — Mindy Kaling

Peanut butter and chocolate are the perfect combination, and so is Mindy Kaling and the entire television universe.

Mint — Jennifer Lawrence

Unique, refreshing, and totally unlike any other Oreo, Jennifer Lawrence is most definitely mint. It's hard to improve upon an old favorite, but mint accomplished it, just like Lawrence kills it at just about everything she does. And is it just me, or do mint Oreos seem like they have an excellent sense of humor?

Birthday Cake — Katy Perry

Do I even need to explain this one? These just look like something Perry would concoct an outfit out of.

Golden — George Clooney

George Clooney is made of gold flakes, I'm pretty sure, so Golden Oreos are 100 percent him. The new Mrs. Clooney is the luckiest woman ever.

Lemon — Emma Stone

Lemon Oreos are barely Oreos, save the logo on the outside of the pack. Emma Stone is a complete individual in the same way, and I love her for it. Lemon Oreos might not quite be mainstream, but they're loved by everyone who tastes them. Have you ever met anyone who didn't like Emma Stone? I rest my case.

Berry Burst — Zooey Deschanel

Quirky and totally unexpected: that's Deschanel, right? She'd totally be the pinkest Oreo in existence.

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