When Did Lance Bass' Wedding Actually Happen? 'Lance Loves Michael' Isn't Live, Unfortunately

Although Lance Bass has never officially left the entertainment industry, he seems to be in the throes of a comeback. E! is having a 90-minute special documenting Bass and Michael Turchin's wedding, but since it's not live, I had to wonder when Lance Bass actually got married. It's an understatement to say that Bass isn't the most famous former member of *NSYNC, so although Bass's wedding may not have graced the cover of People magazine (ahem, Justin Timberlake), the outlet still covered the couple's big day. People reported that Bass and Turchin were married on Dec. 20, 2014.

Bass described their ceremony as "unique" to People and with supermodel flower girls and Joanna Garcia Swisher and Jamie-Lynn Sigler officiating, it definitely sounds like a unique party that I wish I could have attended. (And that's not even covering the fact that JC Chasez reportedly performed during the couple's first dance!) But E! has got us people who are experiencing FOMSYWIT ("fear of missing something you weren't invited to) covered by having this television special. Yay the world is good! Now, why oh why can't I be invited to a wedding where there is potential for an ex-boyband member to photo bomb a picture I'm in? Is that just too much to ask?

E! will be showing Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding Special Presentation on Thursday, Feb. 5 at 8 pm. Unlike a similarly-named program — Donnie Loves Jenny on A&E — I appreciate that Bass and Turchin kept the whole televised wedding thing on the more classy side by just doing a special and not an entire TV show. (Yet, if they eventually got their own reality TV show I would be zero percent opposed.) But don't worry, Jenny McCarthy of Donnie Loves Jenny is not afraid of any comparisons — and apparently embraces them.

And what makes Bass and Turchin's televised wedding more memorable than just your average televised celebrity wedding is the fact that E! claims it's the "first time an American television network is broadcasting a celebrity wedding between two men." I realize there are a lot of factors in that "first time" statement and when I originally saw E! claiming the special was "historic," I was skeptical. Although I do not normally count celebrity weddings as historical (if they were, then me eating a burrito could also be counted as a historical event since it's an event that happens just as frequently), I still am excited that this actual historical event is taking place.

I want to live in a world where celebrity weddings between celebs of any sexual orientation is commonplace. Wait, no, scratch that. What I mean is, I no longer want gay marriage to be a historical event — I want it to be legal in all states and no longer newsworthy. (And it clearly still is, as Bass actually appeared on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore on Feb. 3 as part of a panel to discuss gay marriage.) But the fact is that until that day happens, a celebrity wedding between two men is news. So props to Bass and Turchin for opening themselves up to the world.