Lennon And Maisy Are Back With An Internet-Breaking Cover Of "Boom Clap" By Charlie XCX — VIDEO

If you aren't hopelessly addicted to the television show Nashville (guilty as charged), then it will probably feel like a long time since you last saw the amazing pop sister duo Lennon and Maisy Stella rocking out together. The sisters gained internet and radio fame back in 2012 for their cover of "Call Your Girlfriend," which racked up over 25 million views and landed them their current television roles as the daughters of fictional country starlet Rayna James on Nashville. Busy as they must be, Lennon and Maisy just released a cover of "Boom Clap" by Charlie XCX, proving that they are just as fierce as ever.

I've always believed that the best covers of songs are the ones that reinterpret them and take them to an entirely different level, and in this version, the sisters manage to do just that. We've come to know "Boom Clap" as an edgy, fun anthem (which was somewhat unexpected, since it first hit the airwaves after debuting in the soundtrack of The Fault In Our Stars , aka, the novel/movie that wrecked America's collective heart last year). Lennon and Maisy's version of it is more thought-provoking and sweet, slowing the song down from its original tempo and taking it to a bare bones version: guitar, foot pedal drum, and the sisterly harmonies they are known for.

Also, side note here: When did they get so tall? They're going to be grown-ups soon which means I'm basically verging on elderly. It's easy not to notice when you watch them on TV every week, but watching this video back-to-back with their breakout one is guaranteed to make you feel super old. Here's their version of "Boom Clap," which did Charlie XCX proud:

lennonandmaisy on YouTube

And here's them doing "Call Your Girlfriend" in case you want to feel super old with me:

lennonandmaisy on YouTube

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