Fans React To Bobbi Kristina's Death

In what is extremely sad and tragic news, Bobbi Kristina Brown has died at age 22, which is all too young an age for anyway to pass away. After being found unconscious and facedown in her bathtub on January 31, Brown fought for her life through a medically induced coma while on life support. Unfortunately, in the months that followed, Brown did not show much improvement, and was placed in hospice care on June 24, according to her aunt Pat Houston.

Sadly, the worst has happened, but throughout the horrific situation, her family never gave up on her, including her father, Bobby Brown. He continued to hope for the best, and he even asked others to do the same. Even friends spoke out asking for positivity and support during the difficult time, including singer Missy Elliott and actor Kevin Costner, who was close friends with Brown's mother, Whitney Houston.

Like her family and friends, Brown's fans are speaking out about her on social media. They are saying kind words and won't forget the young woman, which is apparent if you get on Twitter and read their reactions to her untimely passing.

Here are just a few tweets showing Bobbi Kristina will never be forgotten: