People Are Confused By Natalie Dormer's Gloves

Games of Thrones and Mockingjay actress Natalie Dormer seems to be everywhere lately. And most people are in love. Because what's not to love, really? Her acting is pretty much spectacular and she's brought quite a unique talent to the world of fantasy fiction. And, you know, she's beautiful to look at. Tonight, she managed to throw some people for a loop when she showed up on the red carpet of the British Academy Film Awards wearing fingerless, deep blue lace gloves. Maybe she was channelling Amal Clooney's white gloves at the Golden Globes. Maybe she was just in search of the perfect accessory to complement her royal blue on black gown. Who knows? Whatever the reason behind the style choice, though, people have become intrigued.

It's almost impossible to win fashion — we all experience this on a day-to-day basis (why can't I pull off these jeans?!), but I'm willing to bet that it's even worse for celebrities, women especially. They're expected to maintain this "perfect" balance of sex appeal, timeless elegance, whimsical quirkiness and youthful but sophisticated glamour. That's a lot for anyone to handle! Whilst I'm willing to admit that fingerless, lace-y blue gloves are something of a peculiar choice, I applaud those who take risks on the red carpet. No matter what you wear, you're going to be critiqued, right? So why not make it a little fun?

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Personally, I think Natalie looked amazing tonight. Her smokey eye embodied that Margaery Tyrell-style mystery whilst the long train of her gown added a "Dark Queen" kind of flare. And her gloves? Well, they're something a 14-year-old, punk rock-listening me would have just adored. So I can down with them!

Check out some of the mixed reactions Twitter has revealed:

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