Rihanna's Cupcake Dress Had Blue Ivy's Approval

I'm the first to balk at the absurdity of baby couture and outlandish celebrity kid clothing. I mean, come on — there's no way North West needs custom Balmain blazers as an infant. But Rihanna revealed her conversation with Blue Ivy at the Grammys, and the tiny tot's high-fashion humble brag is somehow entirely unpretentious, and all kinds of adorable.

Hearts swooned when the photograph of RiRi and Blue Ivy backstage at the Grammys hit the internet, but prepare for a few more heart strings to be tugged at when you hear just what they were talking about. Ri let us in on her conversation with Jay Z and Beyoncé's little one and apparently, Blue Ivy is all about the style. The singer posted the picture on her Instagram account, captioning it, "Blue Ivy told me she likes my fluffy dress lol!" So, even though the public may have had some mixed reactions to Rihanna's cupcake/furby doll dress, it received the Dior-wearing toddler's full approval. And if Blue Ivy likes it, I like it. That is one influential child, ladies and gents.

But wait, the conversation didn't stop there. The adorableness continued when Blue Ivy decided to talk about what she was wearing. She wasn't about to downplay her own couture! "She was also fully aware that she was in Dior, and not afraid to let ya know ok," Rihanna said. We bow down.

Images: Getty Images; badgirlriri/Instagram