11 Bros Who Could Use A Pair Of Glasses

It's a scientific fact: People who wear glasses are just better at life. No, really. Back in 2011, a German scientist did a bunch of research and found that wearing glasses makes you more appear more attractive, likable, trustworthy, and successful. It's no wonder then that awful human bro at the Grammys, John Mayer decided to sport some Buddy Holly-esque spectacles. They looked so good on the crooner that it almost made all of us forget how insufferable he really is (key word: almost).

It made me think: Could slapping on some frames be the cure for complete and utter douchebaggy broness? It's a real syndrome that's running rampant in Hollywood. I'm no PR wizard, but if you ask me, I think the only quick-fix solution for saving a bro from the point of no return is giving him some eyeglasses. Of course, this is only a temporary fix. And it only blinds us from their true misfortunes for, like, a minute. But, hey — that's one minute longer than we would've otherwise, right?

To prove my theory, I've gone ahead and given what I've now coined as "The John Mayer" treatment to some of Hollywood's biggest bros. Oh, and a disclaimer: Not all of these dudes are completely unfortunate. I just think their look could benefit from some specs.

1. Matthew McConaughey

If only he decided to wear a pair of glasses during his self-loving Oscar speech. Or in any of those Lincoln commercials. If only.

2. Adam Levine

You're welcome, Behati.

3. Dane Cook

OK, Dane Cook with glasses. We forgive you for stealing those jokes. For now.

4. Kanye West

It's a much more high-fashion look than his hater blockers.

5. Rob Gronkowski

This Gronk doesnt' love frat parties and beer. This Gronk likes to drink fine wine and read Thoreau.

6. Zac Efron

Wait, why doesn't Zac Efron wear glasses like this all the time again?

7. Ben Affleck

Well, well, well. Look who's all Good Will Hunting now...

8. Pitbull

Ah, finally. I can now take you seriously. Dale.

9. Mark Wahlberg

This look could really get rid of those last fans standing who keep calling him Marky Mark.

10. Kellan Lutz

Those glasses almost hide the fact that he spent a good amount of his day getting a spray tan.

11. Scott Disick

Exit: Lord Disick. Enter: Intellectual, down-to-earth, good dad and boyfriend Scott Disick.

Images: Getty Images