16 Valentine's Day Treats You Can Mail To Anyone And Everyone You Love In Time For February 14

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There's no better time of year for sugar rushes and texting your crushes than Valentine's Day. Although most people spend it wining and dining their significant other and paying too much for heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and roses, we're better than that. Whether you're single and missing your best friend, looking for an inventive gift for your boyfriend across the country, or wanting to show your mom how much you appreciate her, there are plenty of mail-order Valentine's Day treats that will satisfy anyone. Britney Spears told us how to e-mail our heart, but sometimes it's better to snail-mail something tasty instead.

From sweet messages on even sweeter cupcakes to a savory cheese basket that's better than a date, check out 16 ready-to-mail gifts for the perfect V-Day.

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