8 Cute Promises To Make To Your SO On V-Day

You and your significant other love each other — it's just that you want to kill each other sometimes. That’s normal. But, right after that, you remember that you love each other again, and vow to stop doing whatever annoys the hell out of each other. (Though it is kind of cute to watch your SO clean the closet out of frustration and pout because they didn’t get their way — but you never reveal this, of course! Hey, maybe if you argue long enough, they’ll make their way to the pantry — now, that spot really needs some organization!)

This Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make those promises you know your honey bunny will appreciate (or snuggle bug, hot cakes, stud muffin man, whatever you call him when you forget you’re not in private). Celebrate his or her quirks, the randomness of your relationship, and all the things that make you roll your eyes in the most loving way. After all, aren't these things the qualities that made you fall in love in the first place?

Here’s a list of sweet promises to make to your partner that are anything but ordinary, just like your relationship (in a good way).

1. I promise to let you kiss my nose even though I can smell your puppy breath for the next few hours.

2. I promise to let you host next year’s Super Bowl party here and listen to you and your friends criticize the players. (Even though all of you kind of sucked at playing it in high school).

3. I promise to see Planet of the Apes Vs. Iron Man Back to the Past Part 7 with you... sober.

4. I promise to support your quest to complete your Star Wars collection, and I agree to hang your Fat Head of Chewbacca in our closet wall.

5. I promise not to fill up the bathroom with hairspray fumes as often, and I'll stop bugging you about the whiskers you leave in the sink after shaving. (Can we put a time limit on this one?)

6. I promise not to roll my eyes when you stop to play with the bouncy balls in the aisle bin at Bed Bath and Beyond (and I promise not to get annoyed when you use the shopping cart as a skateboard on the way to our car.

7. I promise to join the dodge ball league you've been looking at (don't lie, I saw you staring at the flyer near our subway stop, and you brought it up over breakfast).

8. I promise to cherish the weirdness we share, and never let the humdrum of normalcy come between us.

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