'Breaking Bad' Will Be a Topic of Conversation Forever

Yeah, remember when your favorite show maybe ever of all time, Breaking Bad , ended two weeks ago? I mean, if you'd ever even heard of the show, that is. Otherwise you might've missed all the hullabaloo — it was such a niche audience and all. On that weirdo off-brand network, AMC. Yeah, no one really knew about it except the die-hards. It was a cult-like following, really. Super under-appreciated work right there. All those actors, toiling away so tirelessly, so thanklessly, for nothing more than the joy of being actors and doin' their craft to the best of their abilities. It's too bad more people weren't into it, you know?

But in the few hearts and minds that cancer-ridden meth kingpin with a heart of gold (meaning he was miserly and obsessively rich), Walter White, and his merry band of buffooneers worked their way into, the absence is clearly felt. The ending — though perfect in my very opinionated eyes — a controversial one in that it left absolutely no wiggle room or controversy in its wake, pretty much whatsoever.

But that cannot and will not stop the legions of Badders who can't help but wonder — is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide (of meth), no escape from reality. Orrrrrrr, okay, so maybe that was just a poor re-appropriation of the opening lines of the Queen classic, "Bohemian Rhapsody," but still! The musicality is not without merit. Because what if... it was all a dream?

A collective fever dream that we're never, ever, ever going to ever be able to escape so long as pageviews and topical conversation still exist, America. As evidenced by this Instagram video from FOX ADHD, the Animation Domination High-Definition (get it?) block of cartoons that airs every Saturday on the network at 11PM. But hey — at least they're giving that teeny-tiny show that could the recognition it truly deserves because nobody's really been doing that at all lately, have they? Nobody likes it when you let a good thing just end, after all.