Bob Simon's Last '60 Minutes' Report To Air Sunday

Only days after his death in a fatal car crash on New York's West Side Highway on Wednesday night, CBS will air Bob Simon's final 60 Minutes report on Sunday evening, Deadline reports. In the report, called "Z Mapp," Simon investigates a new ebola drug that could be highly effective in fighting the disease. Sadly enough, the 73-year old Simon finished the special report the very same day he was tragically killed.

Simon's death was mourned by many, not only because he was a great man but because in his long career, he stood as a testament to morality and integrity in journalism. Countless celebrities, colleagues and fellow journalists paid tribute to Simon on Twitter, with Seth Meyers remembering him as a "master of his craft," and Anderson Cooper calling him "the best writer working in broadcast news."

It's been a difficult week in the world of journalism— New York Times journalist David Carr collapsed in the newsroom on Thursday evening, and died from complications from cancer. Both his death and Simon's are tremendous losses, but CBS is not wasting any more time than necessary mourning Simon but rather celebrating his excellent work by premiering the "Z Mapp" spot tonight. The report was produced by Simon's daughter, Tanya Simon.

Simon had an electric, successful and at times very dangerous career. He was captured by Iraqi forces during the Gulf War in 1991, but despite the harrowing incident, returned to the country in 1993 to report on the American bombings in Iraq. In a touching tribute to his colleague, Scott Pelley closed Thursday's edition of CBS Evening News commemorating Simon's life: "He reminded us how good journalism can be... not even Bob Simon could write a better ending."

Bob Simon's final report will air on 60 Minutes Sunday at 7 p.m. ET.