13 Things About The Cold That Aren't So Bad

by Leah Rocketto

The cold may not bother the queen of Arendelle, but many mere mortals find the winter weather absolutely dreadful. And can you blame them? Between the the frosty temperatures and freak snowstorms, the season has a way of turning the kindest souls into serious bitches.

Normally we're warmed by thoughts of April showers and May flowers. But since Punxsutawney Phil spotted his shadow earlier this month, our happy springtime thoughts may be rendered moot. Now, more than ever, it's important to find a way to cope with the cold. But how?

Some may flee to more tropical destinations. You know, the ones that come with crystal clear oceans and complimentary margaritas. But for those of us who can't afford to escape the winter, we must learn to embrace this God-awful time of year. Now, this doesn't mean hugging every snowman in sight — that would just be weird. It merely means looking on the bright side of this dreary season. Just think about it for a moment. What other time of year can you sip on a hot beverage without sweating up a storm? When else can you skip a Saturday night bar crawl without looking lame? The answer: never. Here are 13 friendly reminders that winter is not nearly as terrible as you think. Keep this all in mind as you brave the cold — it might just be what helps you survive till spring.

1. Sure it's cold, but at least you don't sweat your a** off when walking outside

Remember a few months ago when you couldn’t step outside without worrying about pit stains? Well when the temperature drops below 30 degrees, those sweat spots are no longer a problem. Yes, you will start to feel the heat if you're buried beneath a load of layers, but at least you can strip those away.

2. You can warm up with your favorite comfort foods

Since your body burns more calories when it's cold, you have an excuse to indulge in an extra serving of mac and cheese (not that you needed one).

3. You can drink hot chocolate whenever you want

With so many ways to make hot chocolate, you can enjoy this delicious drink for breakfast, lunch, and as a late-night snack.

4. There's no need to shave every day

Why risk nicking your legs when you're just going to hide them under a pair of pants?

5. Peppermint finally gets its moment to shine

Sorry pumpkin! There's a new flavor in town, and it's adding a refreshing finish to drinks and desserts across the country.

6. Hot toddies become an acceptable afternoon drink

Well, as long as you don't have an important meeting. After all, no one wants their boss smelling whiskey on their breath.

7. It's the only time of year you can ski or snowboard

Trust us, it's not the same when it's done on the sand.

8. Or, for those who aren't as athletic, curl up by the fire

There's nothing more romantic than snuggling on the couch with your significant other and letting the flames set the mood.

9. You have an excuse to stay home on a Saturday night

Why brave the elements when you have all the essentials for a good time in your apartment? Just make sure to keep the laptop charged in case the power goes out.

10. But for those who want to go out, the bars are way less crowded

With everyone else staying home, you and your friends won't have to fight long lines or creepy dudes during your night on the town.

11. You get to see puppies in sweaters

I repeat. You get to see puppies in sweaters! Does it get much cuter than that? I don't think so.

12. There's always a chance you'll get the day off from work

When your boss decides to put your safety first, you can celebrate with an adult snow day.

13. And admit it, the snow does look beautiful when it first falls

Before the plows come through, the world looks like it's covered in a white blanket. Take a moment to enjoy the glorious sight (and snap an Instagram shot) before it turns into a gray slush.

Images: Rosa Dik/Flickr; Wiffle Gif (12); Giphy