Keegan Allen Wants T. Swift & J. Law On 'PLL'

In the world of teen dramas, no show is more talked, tweeted, and freaked out about than Pretty Little Liars . Every season it seems like the fan base can't grow any more intense and dedicated, but somehow, the numbers keep climbing and the stakes keep getting higher for the Liars on their search for the endlessly-terrorizing "A." Although plot twists and near-death experiences definitely help make the show exciting, star Keegan Allen (Toby) has a big plan to make fans' heart stop in a different way. When I chatted with Allen about his new photography book life. love. beauty ., he revealed his two dream guest stars: Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence, whom he calls two of the ultimate alpha females in Hollywood. (Well, after his five favorite PLL ladies, that is.)

"It would be really cool to work with Jennifer Lawrence. I’m so often reminded of Jennifer Lawrence by Troian [Bellisario, who plays Spencer]. She feels like that alpha female presence — I mean, all the girls are very alpha female — and it would be cool to have her come on the show," Allen says. "Or even Taylor Swift! There’s an element of that alpha female in the vibe I get from both of those girls, and our fan base would love that. But it would also be cool to see their take on a character coming into that world."

Better yet, Allen has a game plan for both of the ladies once they get on the show — including one of them battling it out with Spencer while the other makes Aria jealous.

"I feel like Jennifer Lawrence could be an opposing debate team member against Spencer and be really, really good at it, and Spencer gets freaked out a bit because this girl is smart and competing to get into some crazy Ivy League college or something," he brainstorms excitedly. "And then Taylor Swift’s character could be this lacrosse-playing, super-athletic cool girl that comes in and can play guitar as well. She makes Aria really jealous or something."

Ultimately, Allen sees them as foes that turn into friends, rather than straight-up allies in the beginning. The Liars have to earn their trust, after all, and then they can all team up against "A."

"Bringing them in, the conflict would be more fun than having them as allies to start. And then they become allies. It would start as a conflict and then change," Allen points out. In fact, he's so excited by the idea that he even gets ready to pitch it to creator Marlene King. "See what you’re doing now?! Now I’m all into this and I’m going to get off the phone and go, 'Marlene! Let’s get Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence on the show!’"

Sorry, not sorry.