7 Ways Winter Weather Is Actually Good For You

Winter is like a six-month test on the strength of your sanity. And this one in particular is a miserable a**hole. It's exhausting because cold winter days are short and the snow just keeps on falling, and you wonder if you'll ever get to see the sun again or if this is just your life now. It's similar to the feeling you get when you have the flu and you can't imagine being able to do normal activities again, that you are forever reduced to napping on the floor next to the toilet in between vomit breaks. It's awful. It even has its own form of depression, aptly called SAD.

However, winter is not all bad. There are some aspects of winter that are actually good for you. Some winter-specific traditions and health benefits that will extend your life, as opposed to destroying it. There are some wonderful things that only make sense when the weather outside is unbearably cold. Maybe I'm slowly going insane, or maybe I'm desperate for a glass-half-full outlook on this miserable season, but either way, I think we can all relate. Here are all the ways winter is, in fact, good for you, because good news is something you haven't gotten since fall.

1. Comfort foods are always hot

Hot dishes like mac and cheese, steak and potatoes, chicken soup — those things only taste good when you're shivering and the snow is falling in buckets outside. Embrace these foods while you still can. Because soon, (GASP) it'll be too hot for homemade soup.

2. Snuggling is just the best

Snuggling only works when two bodies are seeking warmth. Snuggling in the summer is not so much fun because it's hot and sticky and you just need your space. So right now, let those goosebumps lead the way to a lovey dovey spoon sesh.

3. It puts everything into perspective

If spring ever arrives, you will live your life to the fullest. If you ever see the sun again, you will tackle each day with gusto and courage. You will accomplish every goal on your resolutions list. You will finally get in shape. The winter blues have you looking ahead to a world of possibilities. Get planning, and hold on tight.

4. All the nasty bugs are dead or in hiding

Mosquitoes and fleas and all the jerk bugs that transfer diseases can't handle the cold. So you and your furry friends can live relatively pest free for at least a few more months.

5. A sweater is always more comfortable than a bikini

I mean, let's just be honest. Most of us are much happier rocking a hoodie and thick boots.

6. Snow days are now for everyone

These aren't just for the kiddos anymore. Flights have been cancelled. Trains have been cancelled. Work and school have also been cancelled. This leaves us grownups with some much needed days for just Netflixing and taking mid-afternoon naps.

7. Winter encourages early bedtimes

When it gets dark at 6 p.m., don't you just want to hit the sack? We're a culture of sleep-deprived workaholics, so this period of early darkness promotes the earlier bedtimes we so desperately need.

Image: MartinaK15/Flickr; Giphy (7)