Kendall Jenner Was the Victim of Cyberbullying

Back in September, it was rumored that Kendall Jenner was being bullied by other models during New York Fashion Week. Although the mega star herself denied these claims, many speculated that other girls felt Jenner's runway success was undeserved and that she'd achieved fame due to her status as a reality TV star and her family connections. Acting out in rebellion, fellow models supposedly put out their cigarettes in Kendall's drink, among other things that might give even Regina George pause. This season, things have escalated even further. Models Binx Walton and Lexi Boling posted rude comments about Kendall on an Instagram post — and the hating really needs to stop.

The photo, pictured below, was posted to Vogue Germany's Instagram account and shows Kendall backstage getting ready for the Donna Karan show. While the picture may not be one of the supermodel's best shots, it certainly didn't call for the snarky remarks that followed. Though Walton and Boling have already deleted their comments, screenshots are already circulating. You can peep one over at Cosmopolitan, but the nasty comments included a sarcastic "She's never looked better," (complete with a crying/laughing emoji) and "that's f*cked up." Using emojis for evil is never cool in my book.

Honestly, enough already. Kendall is killing it at NYFW because she is super talented and deserving, not because of her famous lineage. But hey — the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, right?