What Did Tom Give Benedict As A Wedding Gift?

It was the wedding of all weddings, not to mention a sad day for fans who thought they'd one day marry the man known as Sherlock Holmes. When Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter got married on Valentine's Day, part of the world shed tears, while others jumped for joy. One of the people who showed excitement was Tom Hiddleston, who attended the wedding. Seeing as Cumberbatch and Hiddleston are best friends, it shouldn't surprise anyone that Hiddleston would be overjoyed for his friend finding love and starting a family.

We all know that Hiddleston looked extremely handsome (when doesn't he?) at the wedding, but what do you think he got Cumberbatch as a wedding gift? Did he go traditional by gifting kitchen items and home goods? Did he go over-the-top by giving him loads of money, a car, or a vacation? Did he forget to give him a gift altogether? I'm very doubtful about that last one.

Well, we've yet to learn (and we may not ever find out) what Hiddleston gifted his BFF on his big day, but that doesn't mean we can't speculate. So, here are seven gifts that Hiddleston might have given Cumberbatch. Hint: they're all fun, meaningful, and probably would have made Cumberbatch cry tears of happiness.

The Gift Of Dance

Nothing says "congratulations" like the gift of dancing. As we Hiddlestoners know, the actor is no stranger to grooving to music. He could have easily choreographed a special dance for the now married man. I have no doubt Cumberbatch would have appreciated this gift.

The Gift Of Song

Have you ever heard Hiddleston sing? He could have easily sang or written a song for Cumberbatch to say "Happy Wedding Day!" That's a gift that keeps on giving.

The Gift Of Matching Sherlock Outfits

Anyone else hope Cumberbatch and his baby wear matching Sherlock outfits? Me too. Let's hope Hiddleston also feels the same way and gave his bestie a Sherlock Holmes costume for his future child. Better yet, maybe he got himself and the actor matching Sherlock costumes?!

The Gift Of Photography

Seeing as Cumberbatch and Hiddleston are best friends, Hiddleston might have framed a photo of the two as a wedding present. A photo like that would look nicely on Cumberbatch's nightstand.

The Gift Of Alan Rickman

Cumberbatch does Alan Rickman impressions all the time, so I'm sure Hiddleston wanted his BFF to celebrate his big day with the man he sounds so much alike. Anyone else want to see Cumberbatch and Snape bust out some dance moves at wedding?

The Gift Of Oscar The Grouch

If you didn't know, Cumberbatch would love to share the screen with Oscar the Grouch. Hiddleston would surely go up in best friend status if he made this happen and brought him to the wedding.

The Gift Of Film

Did you know that Cumberbatch loves Ghostbusters , John Hughes movies, 2001 Space Odyssey, and Annie Hall? He finds all of these comforting, so Hiddleston might have wrapped up all these classics as a wedding present, which would make for the perfect movie night with his wife.

Whatever Hiddleston ended up giving Cumberbatch, I'm sure it was the best gift he's ever received.

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