Tracy Morgan Update Sounds Promising

We were all hoping that Tracy Morgan would have miraculously been well enough to attend the Saturday Night Live cast reunion for the show's 40th season this past weekend, but sadly that didn't happen. Instead, the cast put on a moving tribute to him, and we have an update on his condition. It was hard to sit through the broadcast with his absence as glaring as it was, so it's really nice to finally have some more information on his recovery process, even if it isn't the news we want. Long story short? Though it's not the best news, it could be a lot worse — and that in itself is pretty promising. According to People, who has "a source close to the production," Tracy Morgan was hoping to recover enough to make it, but it wasn't in the cards:

Tracy would have loved to have been there, but he just isn't up for it at this point.

Ever since the tragic, six-vehicle accident last summer on the Jersey Turnpike that left Morgan's friend and fellow comic James "Jimmy Mack" McNair dead and Morgan with facial fractures, broken bones, and debilitating brain injuries, he's been involved in physical therapy as well as speech and cognitive therapy to help him recover. His attorney Benedict Morelli says that progress has been slow, and while Morgan is doing better and working hard to recover, he isn't ready to return to work:

He's still struggling with rehab to get better. He's working hard to get well.

It's definitely tough to hear that Morgan still has such a long distance to go, 8 months after the accident, but any progress is good to hear about. Get well soon, Tracy!