Coats At Fashion Week? Pft, No Thanks

by Catie Keck

Fashionistas and famous persons alike are braving this (literally) freezing weather during Fashion Week without jackets, without gloves, without pants. Toothy grins can be seen streaking the faces of Kristin Cavallari, Paris Hilton, and Ivanka Trump, all of whom are missing weather-appropriate attire and have conceivably lost their minds.

People summed up this absurd FW trend most appropriately, saying, “Ladies, what were you all thinking? You can still look stylish in season-appropriate clothing, like chunky knits, turtlenecks, knee-high boots, etc., we promise. Just please put some clothes on before you catch hypothermia!” Right? Thank you!

But Kristin in her shorts, Paris in her slitted dress, and Ivanka in her cutout LBD are just the tip of this fashion faux pas iceberg (I mean they look great, but chilly). And we get that the walk between your chauffeur's Lexus and Milk Studios is relatively short, but it’s cold out there nonetheless. Thankfully, it appears that at least some of this year’s attendees were sensible enough to sport at least a scarf.

To anyone doing NYFW 2015 without a coat or at the very least a cashmere sweater: take a cue from Beyoncé, don some Ugg boots, and buy yourselves some mittens.

I mean, really.