This 'Frozen' Parody Totally Gets You

True story: Winter is the worst. February is the worst. Snow is the worst. If you (unfortunately) live in the Northeast or Midwest of America, everything is just the worst right now and it feels like there's no end in sight. We're all trapped indoors because of sub-zero temperatures and record-setting, historic snowfall. As much as I love hibernating in my snuggie with my boyfriend Netflix, there's only so much I can take before cabin fever sets in. The winter is The Wall and we're all Jon Snow — sad and frozen against a never-ending cold. There's only one way to survive: comedy. Funny or Die just released a brand-new Frozen parody starring Mae Whitman and Bella Thorne which perfectly encapsulates how all of us are feeling right now as we woefully look at our heating bills.

This live-action "remake" of Frozen gives us a frigid and forlorn Mae Whitman as Elsa (Salsa?) and a smugly warm Bella Thorne as Anna. Watching The Duff star Mae Whitman fall deeper and deeper into her icy demise is as painful as it is funny — and totally relatable. As the old formula goes, Comedy = Truth + Pain, and this video is perfect proof.

Here's how Funny or Die's Live-Action Frozen perfectly describes how we're all feeling right now:

When You Check The Weather In The Morning

Oh, the windchill is -30 you say?

When it Starts Snowing On Your Commute Home

And you forgot your hat/scarf/umbrella at your desk.

When you Look Out Of Your Window in Hopes of Seeing the Sun


When Your Friends In California Brag On Facebook About Going To The Beach


When You Think About The Fact That Winter Isn't Over Until The END Of March

Everything is terrible.

See the whole clip here:

Images: Funny or Die (6)