Here's Your St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Inspiration

by Miki Hayes

What's a sure-fire way to not get pinched on St. Patrick's Day? Well of course you have to wear green, but that can be pretty easy to forget to do. Instead of trying to incorporate green into your outfit this year, try some St. Patrick's Day nail art instead. Because whether or not you celebrate St. Patrick's Day (and whether or not you remember it), it's always fun to have a festive manicure. Really though. If nail art is your jam, it's time to start planning what you'll rock this March 17th. A simple, clean, green mani? A "Kiss me, I'm Irish" theme? Or how about one of the fun ideas listed below? (Just don't try a Lucky Charms theme unless you're prepared to crave those marshmallows all day.)

Regardless of your skill wielding a striping brush though, here are some manicures that would be perfect for St. Patty's Day. And these don't involve finding a four-leaf clover or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow — they're for every skill level! But if you choose to paint the clover or gold on your nails, you can be your own (or maybe someone else's) good luck charm. So grab your polishes and a pint, and get ready to be inspired for your next holiday-themed mani. Let's go.


Make your manicure look more complicated than it was by picking a badass glitter and pairing it with a themed nail wrap. Of course if you prefer, you can use a dotting tool to free-hand some clovers.

For a little extra shine, place some gold foil decals over your green (glitter) of choice.

Get your gradient on by painting some green glitter heavily over the bottom or top section of your nails. While you can use any color base; black, white, green, or gold will really put your nails in a St. Patty's Day spirit.


Let your nails show everyone what you'll be up to this St. Patty's Day. Use a dotting tool to make the foam and a striping brush to draw the handle on your pint.

Get a festive pattern going by using striping tape. Paint your gold layer, set the tape in your desired design, and paint over with green polish. Just make sure to remove the tape before the top layer of color dries.

All rainbows lead to you. Strategically place glitter on a green background to show off your trail and pot of gold.


Take your French Manicure up a notch with green glitter and a belt that mimics a leprechaun's hat. And of course a four-leaf clover completes this mani.

Pair your green glitter with a pot of gold. You'll want a striping brush and some on-point free handing for this one.

This one's all about attention to detail (and striping brushes). Dress up your favorite characters in some Irish garb to really get into a festive mood.

Image: librakv/Fotolia