The Reason Stay-At-Home Moms "Get Nothing Done"

Being a stay-at-home mom is hard, hard job, which is why it's commonly understood to be ridiculous for people to say it's not a real job at all. But what's also ridiculous is when people try to complain that, despite being home all day, stay-at-home moms get nothing done. As blogger Esther Anderson points out in her video "Why Moms Get Nothing Done," it isn't laziness that's the culprit. It's the children.

Children are agents of destruction. This is an undisputed fact. They are small agents of destruction with terrible taste who will wreck your entire house in the time it takes you to turn around and take a drink of water. It's enough to drive anyone to renounce children forever. Or to drink.

In this video we watch as Anderson tries valiantly to take care of household chores — but her adorable toddler has other ideas. Despite Anderson's best efforts, her daughter manages to swiftly undoing all her household work, making it impossible to get anything done. Because the thing about taking care of kids is, you can't really leave them unsupervised all day, but you also can't stop them from messing up your half-done chores, either.

Honestly, kids are lucky they're so cute. If they weren't, heaven knows we'd have no reason not to give them away to the circus.

So to anyone who thinks moms don't get anything done all day because they're lazy, consider the following chores.

Folding Clothes

Such a sweet domestic scene. What do you think the baby is about to do? I'll give you one guess.


Our little helper seems very interested in the dust pile. I wonder what her plans for it are, don't you?

Doing the Dishes

How long do we really think that the dishes are going to stay in that dishwasher?

Changing the Laundry

Let's see what type of interference possibilities this situation presents.

Cleaning Up

Think she's on board with putting her toys away? Think again!

To see all these situations go wrong, just watch.