22 Cool Plus-Size Halloween Costumes

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For curvy women on Halloween, finding the perfect costume can be tricky. You go to the shops and see rows and rows of amazing costumes in small through large, while somewhere in a tiny corner in the back of the store are a dozen outfits in anything bigger. Or at least... that used to be the case. Now, designers are embracing more than just regular, everyday plus-wear, they're embracing plus Halloween costumes, too! Behold.

Ursula from 'The Little Mermaid'

Disney princesses are all the rage every Halloween, but nothing makes a statement like dressing up as the baddie. This costume is body-hugging, covered in tentacles, and fits a plus size 20.

Sea Witch Costume, $140, Amazon


What better than a skeleton costume that’s equal parts sexy and dark? The see-through mesh trim, the full skirt, and bone top is perfect for anyone wanting to look, well, dead.

Skeleton Costume, $90, Amazon

Lucy from 'I Love Lucy'

Honestly, who doesn’t? Plus-size Lucy costumes have been around for ages, but they’ve always given off the “this is what Lucy would look like if she were frumpier and fat” vibe. This ensemble, on the other hand, has that subtle sex appeal we all loved Lucy for.

Sassy Lucy Costume, $32, Amazon

A Bat Girl

This cozy fleece costume has a super adorable hood lined with faux fur, bat wings, and soft ears for the warmest costume you can find.

Women's Cozy Bat Costume, $65, Amazon

The Sexy Schoolgirl

The sexy schoolgirl has always been a staple of Halloween, but never for the plus-size woman. This costume is a bold and beautiful option for any gal wanting to make the “I love my curves” statement.

Women's Plus-Size Boarding School Flirt, $50, Amazon

Prom Queen Zombie

Prom zombie is sexy, scary and maybe even a little silly. But totally chic and cool, so it’s all good.

Putrid Prom Queen, $65, Amazon

Princess Leia

Be the bravest princess in the entire galaxy, and a great homage to one of the best characters around.

Princess Leia Women's Costume, $48, Amazon

Marge Simpson

The Simpsons has been around for so long now, that it’s just wrong not to dress up as one of the characters at least once in your life.

Marge Simpson, $42, Amazon

If Little Red Went Dark

Ladies love putting a dark twist onto traditional children’s book characters, and this is probably one of the best.

Little Red Riding Hood Costume, $43, Amazon

The Ring Master

So if you’ve ever secretly wanted to be the ring master of a circus or a dark traveling poetry troupe, now’s your chance. You can have a corset, a riding crop and a top hat — aka a dream come true. ($75,

The Classic Cat

Cliché, maybe. Done a million times, perhaps. But the classic cat costume just never goes out of style.

Women’s Cat Costume, $33, Amazon

Spider Girl

If you loved the Wonder Woman movie, you'll love this costume. And who doesn't want to be the baddest superhero around?

Wonder Woman Costume, $39, Amazon

A Flapper

After watching Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby, we all wanted to be flappers. The 1920s came with amazing fashion, so if we didn’t live it, we can at least pretend on Halloween.

Women's Fashion Flapper, $38, Amazon

The Vampire Babe

This vampire costume has a stand up collar and a ribbon trim, making it sexy, mysterious, and scary.

Vampiress Costume, $32, Amazon

Minnie Mouse

Show some love to the classic Disney character, and to polka dot fashion as a whole.

Miss Mouse Costume, $30, Amazon

Marie Antoinette... Sort of

Everyone knows Marie Antoinette was kind of a bad ass. So this dominatrix-y twist on the historical archduchess should be a contender in costume consideration.

Sexy Marie Antoinette Costume, $26, Amazon

A Clown

Get your silly on with these massive shoes, massive hair, and massive polka dots.

Giggles The Clown Adult Costume, $20, Amazon

The Mad Hatter

Considering Johnny Depp played The Hatter in Tim Burton’s 2010 Alice in Wonderland adaptation, you know it’s got to be an epic character, and thus an epic costume.

Deluxe Hatter Hottie Costume, $53, Amazon

Alice of Wonderland

While we’re on the Alice in Wonderland topic, well, you’ve got to have the Alice. Leg Avenue’s version of the character is just so sexy and curve hugging that it’s an instant must!

Alice In Wonderland, $41, Amazon

Harley Quinn

No puddin' required, this Harley Quinn costume will have you laughing all night long.

Harley Quinn Joker, $30, Amazon

A Little Monster

If you know you want to be a monster, but don’t have a specific one in mind, this Blue Monster may just be the way to go.

Furry Little Monster, $60, Amazon

Christmas Elf on Halloween

We all know the Christmas music is going to hit radio stations the second Halloween is over, so why not freak people out by being a Christmas elf a few months in advance? It’s going to happen sooner or later, anyway.

Elf Helper Christmas Costume, $40, Amazon