Octopus Attacking A Crab Is Genuinely Terrifying

Even though it has been yanked away from those of us who are out of school, for people who are still in school, Spring Break is rapidly approaching. (Not that you would know it from the truly unholy cold weather so much of the country has been dealing with, but nonetheless, "spring" break is headed our way.) This means that over the next few weeks, you're going to have brace yourselves for the insufferable enthusiasm of people Instagramming pictures of themselves intoxicated on warm beaches while you watch dirty snow melt outside your window. Maybe those of us non-revelers should consider ourselves lucky: As long as we're not at the beach, we won't be at risk of seeing anything quite as nefarious as this octopus full-on attacking a crab in plain sight in the middle of a tide pool.

The unsuspecting narrator of this video (whose reaction is pure gold; I won't spoil it for you) was filming an innocent little crab just crabbing along doing his crustacean thang when, all of a sudden, an octopus leapt out of the water with all of the gusto that I leapt at the pizza delivery man last night (the only difference being that I didn't then proceed to drag the pizza delivery man into the dark depths of the ocean, never to be seen again). Seriously, who knew octopi could even do that?! Nature, you're a mysterious, frightening thing.

If you ever wondered what it was like to watch Ursula straight up murder and eat Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, look know further than this harrowing live action remake of the eighties cartoon:

Obviously you needed an instant replay, and I'm here to help:

Now just start singing "Under The Sea" in a minor key like it's a requiem march and we can bring this whole thing around full circle:

Sorry for casually scarring everyone for life.

Images: Getty Images; YouTube