Owen Wilson Expecting Baby with Married Fitness Trainer, Because Simon Cowell Can't Have All the Fun

Oh, Owen Wilson, what have you been up to? The Internship actor has been off the tabloid radars for a little while, but this will probably skyrocket him right back into them: Owen Wilson is expecting his second child, and this time it's with a married woman. Someone's husband is probably none too happy right about now. Caroline Lindqvist, a personal trainer, is currently pregnant with a baby apparently half created by Wilson. And well, it's not like Lindqvist was in the happiest of places with her marriage: She and her husband are in the middle of getting a divorce, and Wilson's sperm just beat them to the punch.

(Now stop and try to get that image out of your head)

"Owen is very involved with the pregnancy," a source told Us Weekly. "He isn't in a relationship with Caroline, nor do they plan to be in one, but he is very supportive of everything. They see each other and talk often about what they want for the child. Owen is very open-minded about everything and has told Caroline he will do whatever he can."

Somewhere, both Emile Hirsch and Simon Cowell are nodding in support and also breathing huge sighs of relief that the baby-daddy headlines are focusing somewhere else for now. What's in the scandalous Hollywood water?