Lady Gaga & Sophia Bush Make Great Friends

These two might not seem like they'd be a match made in best friend heaven, but Lady Gaga and Sophia Bush make great friends. The reason I'm talking about these two being besties is all thanks to Bush sharing a photo with Lady Gaga. Apparently, the two celebrated Gaga's engagement to Taylor Kinney, and seeing as Bush stars in Chicago P.D. and Kinney stars in Chicago Fire, they are all friends and part of the Chicago family.

Even though some might think it awkward for Gaga and Bush to be friends, especially since Kinney and Bush got all romantic on P.D. and Fire, it's not. Also, remember they were just acting. I hate to break it to you, but TV is not real life, unfortunately.

If you think about it, Bush and Gaga have a lot more in common than the two being in the spotlight of Hollywood. They're two amazing women making a real difference in the world. Not only are they admired for their work as an actor and a singer, but they're also loved for their inspiring ways. Bush and Gaga are two of the most open, honest, and respected women in the industry. On more than one occasion, the two have contributed to important issues and let their voice be heard in hopes of making our world a better and more accepting place.

With that said, here are six reasons Lady Gaga and Sophia Bush make sense as friends.

They're Both Empowering

Both Gaga and Bush don't stand for any kind of hate and will never back down when it comes to their beliefs. For example, Gaga and Bush have stood up to bullies, stood up for gay rights, and spoken out about body image issues, among many other important topics. Can you imagine if they teamed up? Watch out, world.

They're Both All About Acceptance

They don't discriminate and love everyone. They both work towards a more accepting world, no matter anyone's race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

They Don't Follow The Norm

I think it's pretty obvious through Lady Gaga's fashion and music that she is a non-traditional woman living life how she sees fit. As for Bush, she might not to do it in an outlandish way, but through her words and via social media, Bush is about stepping outside of the box and not following everyone else's standards.

They're On A First Name Basis

In an interview with Digital Spy, not only did Bush talk about how it was kind of uncomfortable meeting Lady Gaga after making out with her man on TV, but she also referred to the singer as "Stef." For those unaware, Lady Gaga's real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. See? They're on a first name basis, which, obviously, means they're already besties.

They Both Know How To Have Fun

You can't have a friendship without fun. I think they both prove that through their work and personal lives that they can let go of all the rumors and hate they receive on a daily basis and incorporate fun into their lives. Now, let's imagine the fun they'd have together.

They Can Learn From One Another

Relationships and friendships grow, because we continue to learn from one another. Even though Bush and Gaga have a lot in common, they also have their differences. For example, Bush is praised for her animal rights support, while Gaga's been blasted a time or two, like when she wore that meat dress. Instances like this prove that these two women can learn from another, grow as individuals, and make their friendship even stronger.

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