A Round-Up Of Derek Hough's Best Dances

There's no doubt that he's very talented and fan-favorite on ABC's Dancing With the Stars , which it makes so much since that people don't want to stop watching Derek Hough's dancing. Now that Hough is on DWTS Season 20 (Surprise! He's back!), Hough fanatics are even more excited to tune into the reality show. Ever since he joined the dancing competition, Hough has made a name for himself on television as an amazing dancer and as a talented choreographer. So, I think it's time we honor the dance master with a few of his best dances from DWTS.

He's proven time and time again that he can do no wrong when it comes to dance. Not only has Hough won DWTS five times (yes, five times), but he also scored and Emmy win for Outstanding Choreography for the show. See? He's basically a genius when it comes to dance.

Now, let's get to these dances. Here are nine (trust me, it was really hard to select only a few of his top dances) of Hough's best dances showing off a range of his skills, in addition to the top-notch partners he's had. You will definitely want to join DWTS, and, of course, be partnered with Derek Hough, after watching these dances.

That Time He Danced With Jennifer Grey

That Time He Broke The Rules With Shawn Johnson

That Time He Danced With His Sister

That Time He Paso Doble'd With A Pussycat Doll

That Time He Did A Group Dance With Mark Ballas

That Time He Made Everyone Cry With Amy Purdy

That Time He Jammed To Michael Jackson

That Time He Channeled Alfred Hitchcock

That Time He Mastered The Mambo

Um, yeah, Hough is amazing.