Rita Ora and Kim Kardashian Wore the Same Dress

Imitation is the best form of flattery, they say. But, when it's about who wore what, things get a little messy. It's an old adage that women face as they move through womanhood: the fear that someone might wear the same prom dress as you; the same hairstyle; the same pair of shoes. Of course, prom is mostly a private space reserved for the school gym, or if you're lucky, then a hotel ballroom. It is also something that many of us choose to leave in the past. But, in the case of going to a major pop star's party in London, where the paparazzi is documenting your every move, the whole world will know when you're dressed like someone else, and the Internet will never forget. Case in point: Rita Ora and Kim Kardashian wore almost the same dress last night.

The "who wore it best" throw down happened at a party thrown for Madonna on Thursday in London. Both celebrities came clad in a blush-colored, skin-tight latex dress. Ora channeled her inner Anastasia Steele from 50 Shades of Grey in what Refinery 29 says teeters on the side of BDSM. Kardashian's version kept her a tad more covered up. Both wore nude heels and had their hair pushed back. A picture of them standing cheerily side by side complimenting each other on wearing the same outfit has not yet surfaced and probably never will.

Of course, the Ora-Kardashian dress scandal follows in line with the many that have had the Internet in all-out war this week. Lupita Nyong'o's Calvin Klein Oscar's dress was stolen. It has since been returned by an anonymous person, who reportedly says he or she tried to sell it in Los Angele's garment district but later learned that the delicately placed pearls that covered the gown were allegedly fake. Then, there was #dressgate or #thedress that divided everything from households to subway trains because sometimes people get bored and forget the elementary school lessons they learned about the color wheel. The better question should have been not whether the dress was black and blue or white and gold, but would anyone ever dare to wear it? Was it even a remotely cute dress?

In true Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora fashion, it makes sense that they have joined this week's trending battle concerning dresses. Since none of us were lucky enough to get invited to Madonna's party, let Parent Trap give us some insight on the events of the Ora-Kardashian dress showdown.

Ora and Kardashian are talking to their respective parties, and then they turn to find out:

A lone guest, who's probably had one too many cocktails asks:

And, depending on the night they've had leading up to the party, Ora OR Kardashian would say:

And the other, being the bigger person says:

Then both get back to their hotels, condos, mansions, etc., and wail to their significant others:

That is most likely how it all went down.

Images: Getty Images (1); YahooStyle/Twitter; Giphy (5)