On 'SNL,' Dakota Johnson Welcomes Melanie Griffith And Don Johnson For An Uncomfortable Conception Story

The Griffith-Johnson family has had a pretty busy schedule lately, and Saturday night was no exception. SNL host Dakota Johnson welcomed her parents, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, to the show during her monologue at the top of the show. If you've seen the interview that Dakota Johnson gave with her mother on the red carpet of The Oscars, you might know where this is going. During the SNL monologue, Dakota and her parents jokingly referenced how they feel about their daughter's role in one of the biggest films this year, Fifty Shades of Grey, and it was probably (exactly) how you'd react to your daughter being in FSOG.

First of all, if you didn't fall in love with her in Fifty Shades, Johnson's monologue is going to do the job. She started the the monologue off with a few jokes about the weather in New York, yada yada. We get it, it's cold... It's always cold during the winter. Then, Johnson moved on to addressing the tied-up elephant in the room, Fifty Shades of Grey. Johnson said that the movie completely changed her life, and if you watch The Oscars next year, you will definitely not see it nominated for the film. Kind of love that she knows what we're all saying. It's no Birdman.

Then Johnson did a little name dropping — I would too in this situation — and said that she is the child of Hollywood superstars Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. She tells a story about how her mom hosted SNL back in the day, and nine months later she was born, hinting that she was conceived after the show, or during the show. Yeesh.

But are Griffith and Don Johnson embarrassed by the conception story? By the looks of it, hard yes. How do we know? Because they're sitting front row in the audience. But wait, when Dakota asks if they're embarrassed by that story, they say (while shielding their eyes), "No," they were just worried she'd be naked.

Guess the Griffith-Johnson clan isn't doing a Fifty Shades of Grey movie excurision anytime soon.