Taylor Swift Congratulates Lady Gaga On "Fully Living" & Is Almost Definitely Courting Her Friendship

In the vast high school lunch room that is pop music, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga don't sit at the same table. Swift is indubitably one of the honors students who also happens to be pretty popular. Gaga is a theater kid who may have worn a duct tape dress to prom for the sake of artistic expression. But with all of the changes going on in Gaga's life (including but not limited to, the dialing back of her gimmickiness), it seems that Swift is seeing Gaga in a new light. Taylor Swift gave Lady Gaga a shout-out on Twitter for "living life" at the moment, and went so far as to add"#goals" to her message.

Methinks the Swift-a-zoid has her sights set on a new bestie.

There are plenty of reasons that Swift is having a "Hey, why don't I know you?" moment (a lá Regina George to Cady Heron) with Lady Gaga. Getting engaged to her boyfriend Taylor Kinney, bringing down the house at the Oscars, and being cast in the upcoming season of American Horror Story , Lady Gaga basically had the best February ever and everyone is noticing. Not to lose steam, the Applause singer took the Polar Plunge this Sunday in Chicago alongside her fiancé, as well as Vince Vaughan of all people, to raise money for charity. After Gaga's arctic dunk started trending, Swift took notice with the following tweet.

It would appear that Swift has been noticing Gaga's reinvention, and is contemplating bringing her into the Swift coterie of goofball cool girls who make apple pie together. In order to gauge the probability of this prospect, let's imagine how their first outside of pop music high school hangout will go.

As the ultimate friendship litmus test, Swiftie will invite Gaga out on a girl's night with Karlie Kloss and Jamie King

Gaga would be like, "COOL! as long as long as we're going somewhere I can smoke."

Taylor would be surprised and a little taken aback, but would ultimately be like, "Oh, OK!"

Once they got to the mall, or wherever their destination was, they'd show each other pictures of their respective animals. Both cats...

And dogs...

Feeling comfortable, Gaga would start telling offbeat stories of being part of the New York City early-aughts musical counterculture

Which would probably freak Taylor out, because Gaga has zero filter

Ultimately, Taylor would probably deem Gaga too weird to make a permanent friend, but would make an empty plan to meet up again some time out of politeness

Gaga would agree, and be all "Yeah, sure, whatever...I was born this way..."

It doesn't look like this friendship is in the stars, but some relationship are just best kept as business relationships anyway.

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