'Pretty Little Liars' Melissa & Wren Theories Point To The Dynamic Duo Plotting Against Ali

I think we can all agree that Melissa and Wren are up to something on Pretty Little Liars once again, but that's because they've always been up to something. Let's take a little trip down memory lane to when Melissa and Wren’s relationship on Pretty Little Liars was introduced to viewers in the pilot episode: Spencer’s beautiful, smart older sister is moving into the barn that Spencer thought was hers, and she’s doing it with her hot, smart British doctor fiancé.

To me, their relationship always seemed like a bit of an odd pairing. After all, when Wren and Spencer were caught smooching and Melissa found out, Melissa moved on really fast into Ian’s arms. Like, way too fast. Fast enough to make me think that she didn’t actually have real feelings for our Dr. Who. Melissa and Wren were always more like platonic, evil-planning partners than romantic loves, and now that the two are reunited (Melissa fled Rosewood for London earlier this season after Ali came back, leaving Spencer an apologetic video message and not much else), they have to be planning something.

Melissa, especially, is not the person to have idle hands. That woman is always working for a weekend, and now that we know she doesn’t hate her sister and may even — gasp — protect her, I bet it’s something good. So what could Wren Kingston and Melissa Hastings (and maybe Wren’s roommate, Colin, who has the most English name ever) be working on in jolly old London? Let’s explore some theories.

Wrenlissa Is Taking Down Ali, Internationally

Ali’s not exactly the most popular person in Rosewood, or, well, in the whole entire fictional world that Pretty Little Liars consumes. She’s made everyone’s lives a living hell (cue the scene in Mean Girls when Tina Fey asks who has been personally victimized by Regina George and the teachers all raise their hands). No one is safe from Ali’s wrath. Melissa knows this, and she’s fled to London to work with Wren on taking Ali and her army down, and you know what? That has to be easier with a whole ocean between them. The furthest that we think Ali has gone is Georgia — she definitely doesn’t have the frequent flyer miles to find Wrenlissa. Unfortunately, we don’t know what Wrenlissa is working on at the moment, but hopefully, it’s something great.

Wrenlissa Is Working On Tracking Mona Down

Though Mona may have blackmailed Melissa at one point in time, they’re united against a common enemy: Ali. They were in on Mona’s faking of her own death, and now, Wrenlissa could be just as concerned as Mike as where the hell Mona is. All that blood, all that intrigue, and now radio silence from Mona. Perhaps Wrenlissa knows where Mona is — they’re harboring her until the coast is clear. Sorry, Mike — they just have more experience with this sort of thing.

Wrenlissa Is Done With Rosewood & Never Coming Back

If you had to deal with all the crap that Melissa and Wren had to deal with in Rosewood, wouldn’t you bail, too? If I were hot and young and wealthy (two out of three ain’t bad), I would grab a hot British guy and get the hell out of dodge. Bye, Rosewood! Hello, Tuscany!

Where in the world are Wren and Melissa? They say London, but who really knows? Personally, I’m going to vote that they went for the “let’s get away and never come back” card, but only time will tell on Pretty Little Liars.

Image: ABC Family (screengrab); giphy (3)