Whitney Seems To Have Won 'The Bachelor' If Her Instagram Has Anything To Say About It

Can one person's Instagram give away the biggest TV spoiler so far this year? (OK, maybe "the biggest" is an exaggeration, but Bachelor fans are hellbent on finding winner spoilers.) Bachelor contestant Whitney is super ready to move to Iowa and become Mrs. Soules: Queen of the Farm, but we won't know if that actually happens until Chris does (or doesn't) get down on one knee in the middle of a snowy cornfield in a week (ah, romance). But, if we don't want to wait that long, a quick glance at Whitney's Instagram suggests that she wins the final rose.

Let us just remember that ABC wouldn't let a potential "winner" Instagram her and Chris sitting by the beach drinking Mai Thais, loving being in love. But, that doesn't mean that we can't read (really far into) Whitney's Instagram photos to decide if she is the future Princess Farming, or if she's just the girl that has to dig through the cornfields trying to make her way home to Chicago, no ring on the finger and no husband to come and save her on his John Deere tractor (ah, romance).

Here's a look at Whitney's most suggestive Instagram posts about what her future could hold:

The Wedding Photo

This just feels mighty suggestive, right?

Another Wedding Photo

I'm just saying, if you weren't planning on marrying this guy, you wouldn't KEEP POSTING PHOTOS OF YOU AT WEDDINGS/IN WEDDING DRESSES.

This NOT Ex-Girlfriend Photo

If you had your heart broken by Chris Soules, would you post this photo? Would you?

The Vice-Grip Rose Photo

She's holding that rose with an awful lot of confidence.

Speaking Of Confidence...

She is confident in... Winning the show?

This Vacation Photo

Is she on a private vacay with Chris? Is she?

"So Many Memories" SMILEY FACE Photo

I don't care how many "friends" she made: Whitney is in this to win it, and she wouldn't include a smiley face if she didn't do just that.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC