Carly Was Mean To Britt On 'Women Tell All' And It Was Massively Uncool

The special Bachelor: Women Tell All episode is always full of drama. But this year it got really mean, very quickly. It was barely 15 minutes in before the women jumped all over Britt, even making her cry. Carly was especially mad at her, and was desperate to prove she was faking her love for children, Arlington, and Chris.

"You showed this behavior of an actress," Carly told her. "You just cried about how scared you were to go in the hot air balloon, and then you were fine. You cried about singing a song and then you were great."

Britt held back tears throughout the conversation, clearly very upset that her feelings were being construed as fake. I feel like Britt has received a lot of flack that she doesn't deserve this season. Girls joked about how she never showered, Chris sent her home when she tried to stand up for herself, and Carly was really very cruel.

There's stating your opinion, like Jade did, nicely. "There was a couple of instances when I questioned her authenticity with Chris," Jade said. And then there was Carly who tore Britt down both on the show and during the Women Tell All. I mean, Carly made a hand puppet during filming to decry, "I'm Britt and I'm a liar," for goodness sake. That's just so mean.

But then it came out that Britt wasn't the only one Carly was attacking. Jillian beautifully stood up for Britt calling her gorgeous and authentic, and admitting that Carly also bullied her. Jillian was the butt (no pun intended) of a lot of jokes this season, at the hand of both the show's editors and the other women in the house. Carly even joked about Jillian having a penis and being a man. Not cool.

This was one of the meaner seasons of the show and it was disheartening to see that the comments made during the season weren't just the product of bad editing. The Women Tell All showed that Carly still stands behind a lot of what she said, which is unfortunate because Jillian and Britt didn't deserve that.

And at the end of the day, her conversation with Britt is totally unnecessary anyway. Britt didn't end up with Chris so it doesn't matter if she was being fake or not. And personally, I felt like her emotion was very real both on the show and during the Women Tell All. Everyone saw her connection with Chris on night one. And Britt shouldn't have to defend herself anyway. Carly needs to let it go, and drop the mean girl act because that's even more unattractive than someone who's fake.

Image: David Moir/ABC