Netflix Wins Battle Over Idris Elba Film 'Beasts of No Nation' Because They Want You to Stay In On Friday Nights Forever

There are few things that can get between me and my couch on a Friday night -- and it seems as though Netflix is betting $12 million on that very notion. According to TheWrap, the online streaming service just made the highest bid for Cary Fukunaga's Beasts of No Nation starring Idris Elba. The film is already receiving major awards buzz even though it has yet to reach the big or small screen. The drama, set in an unnamed African nation tells the story of a child solider in the middle of a civil war. If the movie didn't sound gripping enough, it was directed by the very same person who directed the first season of True Detective . Alright Netflix, I'm waiting with my good friends Ben and Jerry.

It has not yet been determined if the acquisition will stream Beasts of No Nation straight to Netflix or if it will be given a wide release in cinemas. If it goes straight to Netflix, Beasts of No Nation will be a game-changer for how films get nominated for major awards...and how they make money.

However, if Beasts of No Nation does go into theaters, Netflix is going to have to make some major upgrades to the movie-going experience in order to pluck me from my most beloved couch. For starters, Netflix-released theaters will need to come equipped with wine bottle holders on the seats, reclining chairs, snuggies, and cat-friendly screenings. Ice cream? Have I mentioned the ice cream?

Either way, we all get Idris Elba in an eye-opening drama. We're all winners here.