Are Justin Bieber & Yovanna Ventura Dating Again? The Looked Cozy At His 21st Birthday Party — PHOTO

I'll be honest. The only time I'm really excited about Justin Bieber dating news is when he is not dating Selena Gomez because, as I've said in the past, she is like my little sister who I feel it's my duty to protect at all costs. But you know what, Bieber seems to be moving on his life just fine and trying to make things right for himself which is admirable, no matter who you are. Well, the Biebs threw any negativity to the wind this weekend when he celebrated his 21st birthday on a private island he casually rented. He was shirtless, as expected, and clearly loving life and had a lady "friend" from the past in attendance: Yovanna Ventura. So, are Justin Bieber and Yovanna Ventura "dating" again? Well, they were looking very cozy at his birthday party...

I use the term "dating" loosely because neither Bieber nor Ventura ever gave a clear indication as to what their status was the first time around, but I think we can put two and two together. Back in May 2014, Ventura and Bieber were hanging out quite a bit and sharing photos of each other on social media, inviting a slew of speculation on their relationship. This was around the time Bieber and Gomez were still doing their on/off song and dance, so perhaps it was a little rebound fun.

Now, Ventura has shared a photo of herself with the birthday boy on social media, in a pose that Bieber seemed to be enjoying quite a bit.

The two haven't really been seen together on social media, or otherwise since July 2014, when each of them posted photos of a dinner date looking quite smiley and happy.

A few months later in September, Bieber posted a few shots of Gomez, sparking rumors of a reunion once again. Well, now that Gomez is seemingly in a happy relationship with Zedd, it seems like Bieber is making sure he can move on just as fast. As far as I can tell, seems like Ventura and Bieber are most definitely hanging out again and he might be posting some hints on Twitter so maybe the timing will finally be right for them. It's a brand new year, he looks happy and things seem to be looking up for Bieber, so good on him.

Images: Getty Images