A Kim Kardashian Album Would Be The Best Thing To Happen To Music & Here’s 8 Reasons Why

Four years after she blessed the universe with "Jam (Turn It Up)", aka the jam you just gotta turn up so don't try to fight it, Kim Kardashian has made her triumphant return to music: Kris Jenner's second oldest daughter is reportedly taking piano lessons AND may or may not start playing violin again. Kim tweeted one of her music goals: she wants to learn one of husband Kanye West's songs.

I hope this becomes more than just a hobby. I hope a music career becomes Kim's latest endeavor. I hope she records multiple songs. I hope she makes an album. Oh my god. OH MY GOD. My life would be komplete if Kimmy K. dropped an EP.

Bustle’s own Arielle Dachille imagined what it might be like if Kim Kardashian were to audition for a spot in an orchestra. Following in my colleague's footsteps, I imagined what it might be like if the selfie maven were to release a full-length album. And now I will list the reasons why this album would be a terrific thing to happen to music.

There'd probably be an 50 minute-long instrumental song that is the soundtrack for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode Kim didn't want to go ziplining in Thailand

There'd probably be a cover of Kris Jenner's "I Love My Friends"

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There'd probably be a medley of the songs featured in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

There'd probably be North West xylophone solo

There'd probably be a piano-only version of "The Pee Song"

There'd probably be at least one guest verse from Scott Disick

There'd probably be a song that's a tribute to the selfie (and no, it wouldn't be that song)

There'd probably be an orchestral rendition of "Jam (Turn It Up)"

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I know there's a solid chance a Kim K. album will only ever exist in my mind, but the mere thought of it has me like:

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