Miley Cyrus Jokes About Kim Kardashian's Hair

by Kenya Foy

Honestly, I've been willfully ignoring all photos of Kim Kardashian's Madonna-inspired blonde hair (which is quite an arduous task, mind you), but it's not because her newly dyed locks sear my eyeballs or give me non-stop Draco Malfoy-esque nightmares; it's more along the lines of being completely and utterly over anything remotely related to the Kardashians. But this Instagram photo of Miley Cyrus fake-dying Kardashian's hair is just too freakin' hilarious to bypass.

Now, as someone who is rarely amused by Cyrus' cringe-inducing Instagram antics, I have to say that unlike some of her previous Insta-tease-a-celebrity moments, it doesn't feel like she reposted this photo to be malicious.

After previewing some new music on Instagram, Cyrus took time out to share an obviously Photoshopped image that cleverly displays her rather nervous looking face on the body of a hair stylist and Kardashian's infamous crying face on the body of a client in mid-dye job. The "We Can't Stop" singer must've sparked an extra dose of creativity amongst her followers — one also gave similar treatment to a photo of Sky Ferreira.

See, that looks harmlessly funny, right? Hopefully, Kardashian will find the humor in it because the last thing Cyrus needs is to upset someone with her Instagram mocking. If you'll recall, things didn't go so well when she inserted herself on Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" cover.

Previously, Cyrus also posted this strange photo of Michael Jackson:

Not even Elvis is immune from Cyrus' Instagram hilarity:

And finally, Cyrus posted a new and improved version of The Spice Girls:

Clearly, no celebrity is off limits from Cyrus expressing how much she gets a kick out of these Insta-photoshopped images, but the good thing is that it seems like she reposts them in good fun. Everyone should probably enjoy the light-hearted humor while it lasts, because in no time she'll be back to posting stuff that landed her on this list of celebs who should be banned from the 'gram.

Images: mileycyrus/Instagram