Will Bruce Jenner Be On 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Season 10? It Wouldn't Be The Same Without Him

It's a little hard to believe, but March 15 will be the Season 10 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians . You read that right — we've been watching the blended family reality series since 2007, and it's gone on long enough to have a season count in the double digits. That doesn't mean we've been watching the exact same song and dance for years — as any fan knows, the Kardashian-Jenner clan has evolved from a barely recognizable family to one so famous that we actively obsess over Kim Kardashian's selfies and Kylie Jenner's lips on the daily. But that's not the only thing that has changed: Bruce and Kris Jenner have split up, and it will be the first season without the pair as a married couple, and fans are wondering whether Bruce will appear on KUWTK this season at all. The answer? He absolutely will — and it might give him a chance to address the many rumors circulating about him directly.

All I can say is — thank you, E!. He's kind of the best cast member. According to Keeping Up With the Kardashians executive producer Jeff Jenkins, we will see plenty of Bruce on the new season. According to USA Today he stated, "You will see Bruce on season 10 and beyond that, he is in season 10. He's in all the way to the very end of it. Beyond that there is, to my knowledge, no series in production that, as we said, is its own series. That's really the current situation. As of right now, there's no Keeping Up with Bruce Jenner."

The spinoff series that Jenkins is referring to is the one that many media outlets suggest will be about Bruce's rumored gender transition. As far as Jenkins knows (or, at least, is willing to tell us) there is no spinoff series that will follow Bruce's transition, though it may be brought up on Keeping Up With the Kardashians this season. According to Jenkins, we'll have to "watch the show" to learn whether the rumors are true or not.

I'm glad that Jenkins is staying quiet about the rumors, and whether Bruce will discuss them on the show. Bruce may be a celebrity with plenty of seasons of a reality show under his belt, but this is a particularly private issue — he deserves the right to tell his story as he sees fit. Luckily, whatever stories there are to tell, Bruce will be the one telling them... and he's here to stay.

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