What Would 'The Voice' Be Like If These 7 Celebs Joined As Coaches? Taylor Swift Should Totally Consider The Job

Now, this is impressive: Despite the fact that The Voice is less than 4 years old, the reality show is already in the midst of Season 8, with no signs of slowing down. Of course, much has changed throughout these eight cycles, from the number of singers on a team to the introduction of Battle Rounds to the way fans are able to cast their votes. And then, of course, there are the judges. Since Season 1 of the series, 8 different celebs have appeared as The Voice coaches, from Adam Levine to Gwen Stefani to CeeLo Green to Usher.

As one might expect, each coach has brought something different to the show during their tenure, with some contributions having more of an effect than others. Some brought sass (Levine), some brought fun (Shakira!), and some brought R-rated expletives (Green) — but whatever the addition, it's been fun to watch all these celebrities get to bring something of their own to The Voice table.

Yet imagine how incredible The Voice would be if even more superstars were given the chance to coach — or, don't imagine, because I've already done it for you. The show is amazing as is, but hey, a girl can dream, can't she? Here's what The Voice would be like if these seven celebrities decided to join.

Taylor Swift

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Coaching Style: Total sweetness and encouragement — until you cross her or don't listen to her advice. Then, be prepared to acquaint yourself with the inspiration for "a nightmare dressed like a daydream" when a thinly veiled song about you appears on her album next year.

Friendships With Other Coaches: As an advisor during Seasons 4 and 7, Swift became fast friends with Shelton and Levine, and seemed like she got along just fine with the others, too. Plus, I don't even think she'd have trouble clicking with Christina Aguilera. Blonde hair, big voices, early starts in the biz — with similarities like these, I can easily see Aguilera getting added to Swift's already-huge circle of celebrity friends.



Coaching Style: Literally just standing in the same room as her team, generously letting them bask in her presence.

Friendships With Other Coaches: Bonds with her "Beautiful Liar" partner Shakira and Beyoncé producer Pharrell would come naturally, and she's worked with Usher before, too. As for the others, I can't really imagine Queen B having much patience for Blake and Adam's bromance or Gwen Stefani's voice, but she'd be too polite to let them know. Better off letting Kanye do that for her.

Justin Bieber


Coaching Style: Nodding a lot and telling everyone that "they've got it," even if no one in the room (including him) knows what the heck that means.

Friendships With Other Coaches: Nonexistent. Everyone stays far, far away from this one.

Katy Perry


Coaching Style: Super peppy encouragement, and, when that's not enough, bringing Left Shark in to cheer everyone up.

Friendships With Other Coaches: The other coaches? Totally! Katy Perry loves making friends. But if Taylor Swift ends up being an advisor again? You can be sure those two won't cross paths if they can help it.

Justin Timberlake


Coaching Style: He'd be the perfect coach, the one who can balance fun and seriousness, is friends with everyone, and knows a thing or two about TV singing competitions from his Star Search days.

Friendships With Other Coaches: Like I said: he's friends with everyone. And, even if he's not, he just seems like he could be, you know? Expect Timberlake to be hanging out with Blake and doing a duet (again!) with Usher in no time, plus swapping baby tips and adorable photos with fellow parents Gwen and Christina.

Kanye West


Coaching Style: He wouldn't really have to do much. Just knowing that he's watching the proteges with his creepy blue eyes would be enough motivation for the singers to do their very, very best.

Friendships With Other Coaches: We know he's cool with Taylor Swift and he's worked previously with Pharrell and Adam Levine. I think he'd bond easily with the others, although he might take some time to warm up to Blake Shelton's sense of humor. Then again, he might be able to relate to this:

Chrissy Teigen

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Coaching Style: I know, I know, she's not a singer. But just think about how much fun she would be as a coach! This would be the most hilarious, inappropriate, and live-tweetable season ever.

Friendships With Other Coaches: She'd get along with everyone, unless they made fun of her crying face when a particularly moving singer appeared on-stage. Then, they'd be done. Or at least she'd make fun of them for hours on her Twitter. Either way: don't be that person.

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